Why Did The Attorney General Meet With Bill Clinton?

While I am not one prone to conspiracy theories, the recent meeting between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton on the tarmac of a Phoenix airport is disturbing in many ways.
Hillary Clinton is under investigation by the FBI and the Attorney General will be responsible for deciding whether to prosecute or not.  In her position, Ms. Lynch is required by Federal law (CFR-28) to remain independent and have no conflict of interest with regard to matters coming before her for review.  Any 1st year law student would realize the inherent ethical lapse that occurred by this meeting.

Why did they meet?  What purpose did it serve?  I have two possible scenarios that I would put forward:

  1.  With a pending recommendation for indictment from the FBI (they have over 100 agents working on the case for the better part of a year) Loretta Lynch felt compelled to give Bill a “heads up” that he would likely be a prime witness if the indictment included potential accusations of influence peddling related to contributions to the Clinton Foundation.  Since Bill is responsible for jump starting her career as a District Attorney, she may have felt loyalty to Bill and considered this a courtesy.  It would be reasonable that she warn him to get his story straight and prepare a defense.  If she were compelled to authorize the prosecution to go forward, this would clear the way for the DNC to nominate Joe Biden at the upcoming convention and give the Democrats a much more palatable candidate and one that would stand a better chance of defeating Donald Trump.  Add a VP selection of Elizabeth Warren to the ticket and the Democrats would have a lock on the disenfranchised Sanders supporters that would never vote for Hillary and might vote for Trump. She may have indicated a deal could be cut to have Obama pardon one or both of them prior to the end of his term.
  2. Alternatively,  she may have given him a “heads up” that, regardless of the evidence presented to her by the FBI, she would block any attempt to proceed on and indictment recommendation and stonewall until after the election.  A quid pro quo may have been discussed whereby the Clinton Foundation would make “contributions” to the Obama presidential library and maybe offer lucrative job appointments to Lynch or the Obama’s to various Clinton Foundation entities. A piece of the action would be very enriching for an ex-government employee.  She may have implored Bill to cease and desist from soliciting fees and donations while Hillary was President to avoid a potential scandal, at minimum, or and impeachment, at worst.

Obviously one can speculate ad infimum on what transpired and the American public will likely never know the truth, however, it is abundantly clear that there were both legal and ethical lapses as a result of this “coincidental” encounter.  Does anyone believe that the flight plans of the highest law enforcement official in the US government would not have cleared the airport in advance and have knowledge of the tail numbers, pilots, and passengers of every plane nearby that day?  What was Lynch’s husband doing on a government-owned airplane and what was his official business?  If not on official government business, did they reimburse the government for his ride-along? Does anyone believe that all this subterfuge culminated in a 30 minute social about golf and grandchildren?  It is beyond comprehension!

Either way you cut this, it is repugnant.  If Lynch claims they are just friends, she must recuse herself.  If she were acting in an official capacity, she must recuse herself for breach of legal and ethical causes.

Considering that Obama says this is the most transparent administration in history, there appears to be much to hide from public view.

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