Things That Just Don’t Make Sense

We heard prior to the election in November that there has never been any evidence of fraud in our voting. While the Democrats scoffed at President-elect Trump for implying the elections were rigged, they now claim the same.

Liberal judges have consistently sided with progressives in dismissing calls for verification of voters identity utilizing a photo ID citing that requiring “minorities” to obtain such would be “disenfranchising”.

If this is truly the case, then there are numerous other ways our government is hampering minorities that should, as the argument goes, also be abolished.

You must have a photo ID for the following:
– buy Alcohol
– buy cigarettes
– open a bank account
– apply for food stamps
– apply for welfare
– apply for social security or Medicaid
– rent/buy a home or apply for a mortgage
– drive/buy/rent a car,
– get on an airplane
– get married
– buy a gun
– adopt a pet
– rent a hotel room
– buy a cell phone
– enter some government facilities

One has to wonder why our Government would choose to “disenfranchise” in so many ways our minority population. It is also curious why advocacy groups have not brought these issues to the courts for reconciliation.

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