The “Real” Zombie Apocalypse

The “zombie” apocalypse so vividly portrayed as horror-genre is real.  It is manifested in the refugee migration.  The walking dead are the Islamic hordes that are sweeping over every Western country, feeding on their resources (social welfare systems for food, housing, education, health services), swallowing up space (schools, hospitals, living quarters, and public services) and devouring cultures (everything not Islam is offensive).

These new zombies cannot be stopped.  They multiply and breed prolifically (by taking multiple wives or raping young women).   The birth rates for Muslims are outpacing that of natives in every Western country by fourfold. Governments feel they need to import low skilled labor to meet the demands of a declining native workforce.  They fail to understand that Islam does not support paying Western taxes so able-bodied men will not find traditional work.  They will sell drugs, rob, steal, and scam for a living.  They have no problem taking benefits as this is deemed the jizya (tax) that is the required payment by non-believers. They will not willingly pay taxes to non-believers as this is against Islamic doctrine.

They will infest every corner of society (politics, media, non-profits, and academia) with their world-view, which is accepted by politicians and liberals as perfectly acceptable in support of multiculturalism.  Any opposition to their imposition of Sharia Law will be challenged as Islamophobic and racist. Ultimately they will destroy Western civilization with their religious-inspired form of government.

What can Westerners expect when they bring their their version of Islam?  A primitive culture based on intolerance, lack of enlightened education, joblessness, savagery, strict adherence to a religious ideology, subjugation of infidels, women, and children.  All the great accomplishments of the West will be dismantled and destroyed.  Chaos will reign and we have our Politicians, activists, media, and academics devoted to PC and multiculturalism to thank for inviting the zombies in through the front door.

Consider the following examples of what this mass-migration means to the West:

  1. Disease – rare or eradicated diseases from 3rd world countries will ravage the populace of western nations that have not been re-introduced in decades.
  2. Financial – the demand Government for all forms of entitlement spending will surpass the ability of those still working to pay the requisite taxes. People will stop working and want a government handout.
  3. Access to basic needs – when goods become scarce or too expensive, the have-nots will revolt and take from those who have (food, water, shelter, transport, clothing)
  4. Monetary – currencies will collapse due to unmanageable debt. Life savings will be lost when world markets collapse and there will be no safety net. Currency will become worthless. Food, water, and ammunition will be the only things of value with which to barter.
  5. Class warfare – society will coalesce to ethnic or religious affiliations and blame others for the collapse. Riots and purgings will be frequent. Enclaves will exist that will not tolerate outsiders.
  6. Infrastructure – Brown outs and shutdowns of the electrical grid will cause hardships for those in cold climates. Mass exodus to warmer climes will create panics. Clean water and food will become scarce.
  7. Civil society will cease to exist. Police and Military will protect the ruling class and elites while leaving all others to fend for themselves. Lawlessness will reign with self-defense as the only recourse.
  8. Higher learning – only men will be allowed to be educated and then, for the most part, only in religious ideology.  Science, mathematics, literature, arts, will all be thrown back into the dark ages (consider that more literature has been translated into Spanish in the past year than all the literature translated into Arabic in the past 1000 years).

If you doubt that these outcomes are possible, you only need to reference current headlines to see that many of the consequences above are already being realized.  If the West does not wake up soon and defend their borders and cultures, we are doomed to a life of abject poverty, tribal feudalism, and subservience.

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