Our Shared Obligation

Consider for a moment the quote by Samuel Adams on the Notes & Quote page.

What does this mean?  Quite simply it compels us as citizens to guard the treasure given to us by the Founders, which is our Constitutions and Bill of Rights.

These are currently under challenge by a Government that is interpreting them to fit political and ideological ends.  The blood and treasure of generations of Americans has been given freely in the cause of defending the principles established and maintained throughout our history to ensure that all Americans enjoy their God-given rights to pursue whatever their skill, education, ambition, and energy will allow, within the confines of a “civil society” and duly ordained laws of man and nature.

As citizens, we are obliged to hold safe these ideals and founding principles so that future generations will have the opportunity to enjoy the blessings bestowed upon us by an enlightened body of individuals who set upon a new course in history to create a form of self-governance that would be the model and envy of all mankind.

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