Liberal Jihad

We are seeing something unprecedented in politics and social discourse that is disrupting how citizens interact with each other.

The election of Donald Trump has created an environment where the Media, liberal groups, Hollywood, and average citizens are waging Jihad against a sitting President.

While the Left tries to sell itself on being compassionate, caring, intellectually superior, and morally just, they are anything but that.  Recent incidents of demonstrations where there has been destruction of private property, assaults on individuals, and demonization of of those who might disagree show a profound disrespect for their stated ideals and rejection of civility.

The genesis of this type of activism is a direct result of the Liberal view that only their philosophy is acceptable and that any counter view is a reflection of some type of “-ism” or “phobia”(Nazi-ism, fascism, racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia).  The tactics of the Left is to demonize and discredit those who reject their viewpoints, using tactics espoused by Saul Alinksy (Rules for Radicals).  Attack on the individual is used in lieu of direct evidence, dialogue, or logic, in accordance with the quote from Socrates “when the argument is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser”.

Liberals and the radical Left refuse to engage in debate. Instead they hurl insults and attempt to destroy the credibility and even the livelihoods of those who have differing viewpoints.  If you have conservative values and support those causes you risk being ostracized and forced to relinquish your livelihood through the imposition of business boycotts.  This is a dangerous precedent that is becoming the hallmark of Liberal dissent.  They will, on the one hand, demand a Christian-valued business to bake a cake or provide a venue in support of gay marriage but, at the same time, support a boycott of designers offering their clothing to the First Lady.

Many of the tactics used against supporters of conservatism and the Trump presidency would be roundly criticized if they were being used by the Right against a Democrat President.  The hypocrisy is clear as are the means and intent of the Left.  They will employ armies of disenfranchised (those constituents to whom they have broken promises) and radical Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) in an organized effort to upset, upend, and create chaos in our political and social discourse.

The end result could likely be an equal response from conservatives that could only end in a fracturing of civil society into intractable factions who would ultimately use physical means to try to establish their will.  This is called Civil War and were it not for the forbearance of the heaped abuses on conservatives, the end-state would be catastrophic.

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