Is World War III Upon Us?

Anyone who thinks that assimilation of millions of migrants and “refugees” into the EU is a humanitarian gesture is going to have to deal with the consequences of a certain percentage of these to be jihadists, intent on conducting terrorism on a regular basis. No country in the world with populations comprised of Muslims and non-Muslim  faiths will be spared.

Islam is both a religion and political ideology that promotes the conquest, not co-existence, of other religions and political systems.  The fact that Islamic government is dominated by religious theology in the form of Sharia Law makes it antithetical to any other form of Government practiced by Western societies.  This alone distinguishes that Islam will, by necessity, be compelled to overturn governments that are not Sharia compliant.

When muslims emigrate or seek refuge in Western countries, they do not intend to abandon Sharia Law via assimilation into their newly found culture.  They gather in non-assimilated communities to practice the same ideology and religious practices that they say they are trying to escape.  This is nothing less than an invasion of another sovereign nation with the intent on overthrowing the current political system and installing Islamic rule.

The pace of Islamification is dramatic in the Middle East and Europe.  In Canada it is on a trajectory to displace the native population in a few decades.The EU must recognize the fact that they are being invaded by a hostile enemy and take action to defend their countries and expel the invaders.

Some in Sweden are beginning to understand the nature of the enemy ( Sweden’s Army Chief Warns Of WORLD WAR 3 Inside Europe ‘Within a Few Years’) and are already engaged in the struggle (Sweden’s civil war) as violence continues to escalate and Jihadist plans are laid for future attacks .  Many newly awakened conservatives in Germany, Norway, Finland, and Great Britain are beginning to grasp the long-term consequences and are demonstrating for change to immigration policies. They are being routinely silenced and marginalized by the liberal left.

Lets hope it won’t be too late before they come to the obvious realization that they either submit to Islam entirely or fight for their sovereignty.

The US is only a few short years from the same dilemma and needs to rethink its position and policies .

Fortunately, the US Constitution’s Second Amendment makes it much more difficult to prey upon unsuspecting citizens who have been sold out by politicians trying to embrace multi-culturalism and diversity.

In the US, a vast number of citizens will not willingly submit to the new world order.

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