Is Bernie Sanders Qualified?

You would think that Americans would expect more of their choice for the top job in America.

Bernie Sanders talks a good talk but does not walk the walk.  Most everything he has tried to do with his “native skills” has been unsuccessful. He has been an abject failure in his personal life and has become a lifelong recipient of a government paycheck .  His college education had prepared him for nothing that facilitated earning a living in the private sector.

Bernie is a prime example of the campus radical (exemplified by the Occupy Movement) that is frustrated by the inability to achieve success through meaningful private sector work experience. He was unable to capitalize on skills and experience acquired through knowledge and recognition of personal strengths and abilities, and augmented with continuous education.

Hard work and understanding our strengths and weaknesses, learning from mistakes, and building upon our experiences forms character and allows us to adjust our course in life.  Blaming low wages or those who have been fortunate in life to become successful is a cop-out for our own failures.

Bernie is a career politician, and not a particularly accomplished one at that.  His ability to go from poverty to a millionaire is typical of the political class (i.e. Harry Reid).  He used his office and connections to great effect.

Sanders is taking out his frustrations (and has found a campus audience) on those who have been successful (“the rich”) because they represent everything that he was not able to accomplish prior to his political windfall.

We should demand better.


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