Diversity Is Not A Strength

Many on the left cherish the idea of an all inclusive society that is homogenized with individuals from all types of socioeconomic backgrounds and a rich blend of cultural practices and experiences.

While this may seem to be a desirable end, it is fraught with a multitude of short-sighted assumptions and inherent problems.

Most immigrants today tend to be uneducated and low-skilled. They also bring with them a host of issues related to their lack of basic infrastructure in healthcare, education, and individual rights. As an example, their sanitary habits and the level of disease (here)  contagion prevalent in their home environments are introducing diseases not seen in their host countries for decades, if not centuries. Rarely are they in excellent health, have marketable skills, have adequate education, or are self-supporting and willing to add to their host society by assimilating into the culture, adopting customs and habits, and learning the native language.

This is especially true of immigrants and asylum seekers from the Middle East and the African continent. These individuals have been accustomed to a tribal existence, highlighted by deep divides in ethnicity, region, religion, respect for human life, the treatment of those it deems to be unworthy of respect (homosexuals, Christians, women), and constant warfare and enmity against others. When they arrive they seek communities of the like-minded and perpetuate their primitive practices with no regard for the norms and customs of their host country. In many countries, women cannot go out alone due to the predatory practices of immigrant men, seeing them a mere possessions rather than equals with rights and dignity.

In most cases, these immigrants create a substantial burden on the host country and those that must pay for their upkeep through taxation. When they do work, it is at the cost of lost of jobs to indigenous workers. They can even affect the long-term progress of their host country in international rankings.

Liberals are concerned with income inequality yet they exacerbate the problem by allowing millions of low-skill, poorly educated workers into the workforce while disproportionately affecting the native minority populations.

The social cost of immigration is most severe in the staggering crime rates (here, here,  here) by these newcomers. The inability to assimilate and find decent work that can support a family size that is many times greater than natives
creates frustration and resentment. There is simply no way for developed, westernized countries to satisfy  the needs and practices of these un-assimilated migrants.  Their social constructs and religious beliefs are incompatible and will always be in conflict with the West.

It would be wise for Western societies and nations to work to create the means for these immigrants to flourish in their own countries, by offering aid to eradicate terrorism, restoring social order, re-building infrastructure, and immersion in re-education about the role of individuals in a free society where everyone has rights and obligations to each other.  Primitives need to enter into the present and accept that the world is evolving and they need to evolve with it.

Immigrants cannot be allowed to see the world through the prism of their outdated biases and practices and the world must resist the temptation to revert for their benefit by giving up their sovereignty and culture.

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