Climate Scam

The notion that climate cycles are impacted by human activity in any dramatic way is one of the biggest scams that has been perpetrated on mankind in history.

This new religion (the God is Gaia; the prophet is Al Gore with his disciples Michael Mann; the hell is a blighted planet; the redemption is giving your money to the cause and embracing the tenants of the dogma) seeks to convert all of us to embrace a new paradise where a few enlightened individuals wield enormous power and wealth to control the weather and protect us from certain death.  Isn’t it interesting that these promoters believe they can alter the weather of the entire planet by tenths of a degree but can’t predict the local temperature within 5-10 degrees 24hrs from now?

Unfortunately, many in the scientific community are uncovering the scam and exposing the Climate Change agenda for what it really is.  It is the systematic attempt by the power-elite to redistribute wealth from large industrialized nations to underdeveloped countries while taking a large portion of the money off the top as their own personal slush fund (carbon trading, carbon taxes, renewable energy, and taxpayer funded carve-outs to the well connected).

The IPCC has been the chief sponsor of the climate lie by repeatedly issuing reports that use selective publishers and data to support the thesis of man-caused climate change.  The inconvenient fact that global temperatures have not risen in any meaningful way in the past 18 years, in spite of a 30% increase in the amount of CO2 present in the atmosphere, has them scrambling for new and innovative defenses of their climate models and predictions. The failure of apocalyptic prophesies has been roundly refuted on many fronts (glacial melt, ocean riseanimal extinction,  crop failurespolar bear deaths,  and extreme weather events).  Temperature data has been falsified  and climate models used selective data to get intended results. Natural cycles have proven to correlate more with variable temperature changes, and a broad coalition of scientists across many disciplines are pushing back on the consensus mantra.

It is almost comical to see that the same tripe was being hyped in the 1970’s with one exception; instead of Global Warming, it was predictions of a new Ice Age. Even the CIA got into the act with a report on the imminent threat of global cooling. Long before the current hysteria there were instances of global climate impacts that preceded increases in atmospheric CO2.  One has to wonder how one of the building blocks of life on earth (plant development via photosynthesis relies on CO2) has become a toxin that must be eliminated.  The reality is that the earth is much better off with a hotter climate than it is with a colder one.  Humans, animals, and plants adapt much more readily to heat than cold. One need only look at current record crop yields to understand that CO2 has helped to feed millions on the brink of starvation.  Coral reefs are healing, polar bear populations are stable and/or climbing, oceans are not rising, and the arctic has recorded vast expansion of surface ice. Hurricanes are not increasing in frequency and intensity and weather events are no more destructive than in the past, they are only subject to more media coverage due to technology and everyone able to field report with their phone cameras.

If you want to find the truth of something in the political realm, the old adage of “follow the money” holds true as an arrow.  There is huge money to be had in promoting Global Warming.  Academics get research grants, companies get government monies, individuals get paid for lectures, educators are enticed to buy new books and teach the subject, not to mention the billions of dollars that are redistributed in the form of tax incentives to green industries (that often fail) from taxpayers to the politically well-connected. Policy is no longer about the climate but more about economics.

Stay tuned for my next post that will discuss how Global Warming has impacted energy markets by redirecting money to sham industries that would be unable to compete in a free market and are woefully short on delivering the promise of green energy and the elimination of fossil fuels.

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