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Islam: Religion or Political Ideology?

One must question whether Islam is truly a religion or a political ideology given that the followers of Islam are so intent on the imposition of their beliefs on the rest of the non-Muslim world, including barbarisms such as gratuitous

The “Real” Zombie Apocalypse

The “zombie” apocalypse so vividly portrayed as horror-genre is real.  It is manifested in the refugee migration.  The walking dead are the Islamic hordes that are sweeping over every Western country, feeding on their resources (social welfare systems for food,

Is World War III Upon Us?

Anyone who thinks that assimilation of millions of migrants and “refugees” into the EU is a humanitarian gesture is going to have to deal with the consequences of a certain percentage of these to be jihadists, intent on conducting terrorism

Someone Finally Fought Back

The rash of groping and rapes by male Muslim refugees of European women has finally had some consequences.  It appears the Muslims finally picked the wrong women to harass.  A recent copy-cat redo of what happened on New Years Eve across

Update: Muslim Men Consider Catholic Women Sex Slaves

If anyone suspected that there was hyperbole invoked when hearing reports of the heinous crimes against women by Muslim men, then you need to read this link.  One of many accounts being related that you will not hear told on

Are European Women Ready to Submit?

The rash of rapes and assaults in Germany (New Years Eve gropings) (I want to have sex with you), Norway (Raped in Oslo), Sweden (Social Worker murdered)(Girls molested at pool) (Gangs molest girls at music fest), and Finland ( Unprecedented