Black Lies Matter

The murder of 5 police officers in Dallas bring clarity and urgency to the fraud being perpetrated by BLM and it’s enabler, the mainstream media.  The BLM movement is a canard that attempts to legitimize the failure of blacks to rise above their cultural shortcomings.

BLM and their sycophants would like us to believe that America is racists when a cursory review of the facts would indicate otherwise.

  1. Our first black (bi-racial) President would not have been elected without a majority of white votes
  2. A far higher percentage of police-related use-of-force civilian deaths are white victims (almost 50% vs 29% of blacks) and studies show that white police officers are less likely to use deadly force on blacks than whites
  3. The vast majority (60%) of violent crime is committed by just 12% of the population (blacks)
  4. Black-on-white murders far outnumber any other racial carve out and mass murder is not the exclusive domain of the white male
  5. Blacks are murdered by other blacks at an alarming rate, but with far less media attention (over 2500 in 2015)
  6. Blacks have recently begun to make charges of racism where none existed in order to validate an agenda

It is very convenient for the BLM movement to focus on racial fear-mongering and perpetuating stereotypes than to confront the real issues facing the black community.

  • 72% of all black children grow up without a father
  • Democrat policies (more) for the past 50 years have created a welfare-state that keeps blacks dependent on government handouts.
  • School systems run by unions and liberal elites (democratic fundraisers) graduate about 60% of minority high school students and 40% of blacks in college compared to a national average of around 80% and 65% respectively . Black males graduate at lower rates than females which is likely the result of males participation in athletics at the expense of academics.
  • Legislation that requires quotas for college, employment, and a myriad of other social re-engineering schemes that allow non- or marginally qualified individuals to attempt to compete without the proper skills or preparation.
  • A male culture that refuses to accept adulthood and is prone to sophomoric displays of bravado, violence, and self-destructive behaviors.

The resistance of black males to mature and become husbands and fathers, and the breakdown of the traditional black family is at the root of the problem with black society. Males do not have a set of strong moral values given to them by two committed parents. When a black male and female are actually part of the household, they are rarely in a committed, legal relationship. The transitory nature of the parental relationship does not foster a sense of unity or anchor the child in a stable environment with strong values and parental guidance.

There are few role models (with the exception of athletes, movie stars, and musicians) that children can hope to emulate as a pathway to their future.  They constantly hear that they are victims of racism and cannot get ahead due to structural impediments that they cannot overcome.  This encourages them to give up on their dreams and exploration of their natural talents and leads them to emulate those around them (who tend to be captive to government programs and engaged in self-destructive behaviors such as drugs, alcohol, crime, and promiscuity).

A societal segment that refuses to take a hard look at their social construct and attempts to project their failures on others is one that will never be able to rise above the challenges that confront every person.  The creation of a vision for a better life, exploring God-given talents and intellect, hard work, learning from failure, perseverance, and emulating positive role models is the path out of generational poverty and ultimately the expression of the true value of an individual and the representation of their cultures’ advancement.

What America is in desperate need of is a return to personal accountability and servility.  We must evolve into a society that encourages all to rise to their full potential, emphasizing equal opportunity without the promise of equal outcome.  If we don’t restore our foundational values, we are doomed as another failed experiment and will devolve into the anarchy and mayhem that typifies the path of the Black Lives Matter movement.

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