Bernie Babies

Bernie represents the frustration of a failed education system that encourages students to take on massive dept for a “so-called” necessary education and 4-year degree.  An 18 year old is an adult, able to enter into contracts.  They should know better than to ignore the cost-benefit analysis of the cost of college and the job opportunity payback.

Our Government has taken over the student loan program and encourages everyone to get a college education.  Colleges raise their tuition to pay bloated salaries and pay for lavish facilities knowing that the taxpayer is on the hook.  There is no incentive to hold, much less cut costs.  It’s no surprise that students are experiencing “sticker shock”.

When college becomes “free” as Bernie is promising, there will be all manner of degrees being offered to seduce students to experience four or more years of college life. Partying and extending social pursuits while ignoring the real-world consequences of their choices will only exacerbate the problem.  Given a free college education, why would anyone actually want to graduate? Who wants to work when everything is free?

The sad truth about the Bernie Sanders youth following is that these kids don’t want to grow up.

Bernie is promising them the opportunity to extend High School by four or more years at the expense of taxpayers, ensuring that these delicate butterflies don’t have to face the harsh realities of life by actually preparing themselves for meaningful work.

As social policy, we are all partly to blame for this extended infantisation of our young adults.  We have been “helicopter” parents, insulating them from the consequences (everyone gets a trophy, living at home and on our insurance until 26, cushioning them financially, etc.) of an “unfair” world.

So, once they have exhausted their “free college” (we still have no idea if there is a time limit of 4, 6, or more to graduate, or if this includes books, room and board, or a subsistence allowance) they will be faced with the same prospects but only delayed;  did they pick a course of study that will translate into a meaningful career with the prospect of a decent income?

More than likely, they will graduate with a degree that is the new equivalent to the GED and be competing with illegal immigrants for jobs flipping burgers, and demanding a $50K/year “livable wage” as a supplement for poorly made life decisions.  It’s just a matter of fairness.

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