Author: czupfer

Liberal Jihad

We are seeing something unprecedented in politics and social discourse that is disrupting how citizens interact with each other. The election of Donald Trump has created an environment where the Media, liberal groups, Hollywood, and average citizens are waging Jihad

What the Hack!

The total preoccupation of the liberal media and left-wing operatives is a distraction from the sorely needed introspection into what went wrong with the Democrat messaging in their presidential election loss. The narrative is that Russia predetermined the outcome of

Things That Just Don’t Make Sense

We heard prior to the election in November that there has never been any evidence of fraud in our voting. While the Democrats scoffed at President-elect Trump for implying the elections were rigged, they now claim the same. Liberal judges

Islam: Religion or Political Ideology?

One must question whether Islam is truly a religion or a political ideology given that the followers of Islam are so intent on the imposition of their beliefs on the rest of the non-Muslim world, including barbarisms such as gratuitous

If You Like Your Economy, You Can Keep Your Economy

One of the oft-cited accomplishments that Democrats and the Obama Administration like to put forward is that the US economy has been lifted out of near-collapse and is in a post-recession recovery. This is certainly not the case as measured

The “Real” Zombie Apocalypse

The “zombie” apocalypse so vividly portrayed as horror-genre is real.  It is manifested in the refugee migration.  The walking dead are the Islamic hordes that are sweeping over every Western country, feeding on their resources (social welfare systems for food,

Green Energy Is Not Our Salvation

To anyone paying attention, it should be quite obvious by now that the so-called “green revolution” is but a whimper and is quickly fading  in support based on all the evidence that has accumulated showing it’s false promises. The environmental

Black Lies Matter

The murder of 5 police officers in Dallas bring clarity and urgency to the fraud being perpetrated by BLM and it’s enabler, the mainstream media.  The BLM movement is a canard that attempts to legitimize the failure of blacks to

Why Did The Attorney General Meet With Bill Clinton?

While I am not one prone to conspiracy theories, the recent meeting between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton on the tarmac of a Phoenix airport is disturbing in many ways. Hillary Clinton is under investigation by the FBI and the Attorney

Climate Scam

The notion that climate cycles are impacted by human activity in any dramatic way is one of the biggest scams that has been perpetrated on mankind in history. This new religion (the God is Gaia; the prophet is Al Gore