Are European Women Ready to Submit?

The rash of rapes and assaults in Germany (New Years Eve gropings) (I want to have sex with you), Norway (Raped in Oslo), Sweden (Social Worker murdered)(Girls molested at pool) (Gangs molest girls at music fest), and Finland ( Unprecedented attacks in Helsinki) and the ineffectual police response (Cologne police taunted) all highlight the cultural armageddon that is rolling over Europe.  It can rightfully be called an invasion as these waves of mostly male Muslim refugees have no intention of assimilating, with no prospects for meaningful societal contribution through work. The tsunami is underway and the conversion is nearly inevitable (Sweden’s perfect storm).

While progressives hope to “teach” (Rape Counseling) young Muslim males not to assume a woman in a skirt and blouse want sex, the truth is that Muslim males see women as objects and possessions which they are freely disposed to use and treat as they like. Their culture tells them this is so, and has for thousands of years.

No Western woman is safe from a Muslim male unless they cover themselves from head to toe so as not to “drive” the Muslim male to arousal and violent action at the sight of an ankle.  The Muslim culture is incompatible with the West, unless a progressive women’s movement is determined to submit and be made “property”.

Somehow, I don’t think Gloria Steinem would sanction that regression.

Where are the men of Europe?  Why won’t they stand up and defend their girlfriends, sisters, mothers, and wives?  Sorry, that is non-progressive.  Women are quite capable of defending themselves.

Good luck with that when a gang of 10-20 hormonaly enraged Jihadi-wannabes come your way.  Just like we saw in Germany, the UK, Ferguson, Baltimore, and other confrontations involving mass actions, the police will yield to political-correctness and let havoc reign.

Let the native beware!


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